One of the star products is still fast online loans


The rise that online loans and fast loans live in Spain is replicable to Latin American countries, where fintech is revolutionizing markets and the way money is managed in 2019. One of the star products is still fast online loans, an urgent money modality for a short-medium term and with more offers than ever.

Compare to earn time, money and flexibility

Compare to earn time, money and flexibility

In a competitive market such as personal and consumer financing, with banks tightening criteria, online financial institutions have established a solid alternative for many people through private capital made available to thousands of users with attractive products and favorable conditions.

The presence of independent entities such as Fresh Loans provides an objective view of the range of offers currently available. The rise of these products and entities is such, in times of economic crisis, but also in moments of recovery, that it becomes essential to invest hours and days to know them thoroughly to make a decision. Loans Good Lender simplifies this process by grouping the best products by pages and categories.

Loans Good Lender operates in Spain from the same base that Ilya of Murom manages, with the intention of offering as comprehensive information as possible. Colombia is the fifth country in Latin America where its presence arrives this year, a new expansion after the consolidation of delegations in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, in an attempt to help more people find the financing they need.

The context of online loans

The context of online loans

The granting of loans for individuals amounted to more than 35 billion dollars in 2018, a figure that doubled that achieved only four years earlier in 2014. The improvement of the economy of Spanish families also has much to say about it, which is why banks and entities have focused on promoting these products. Fixed interest rates, relatively short terms (the average is in 5-6 years), low fees and technology are their hallmarks.

Reaching a personal financing decision always involves a set of factors and aspects to consider, from personal or family savings, job stability, future prospects and the reality of the need for that money. The Bank of Spain recommends that, in case of opting for loans or credits, the appropriate loan is chosen to maximize its utility, reduce costs and not pay more than the account.

Helping people find such a loan for free, at no cost to users, is the reason for being from sites such as Fresh Loans, where many entities and their products are compared transparently. This portal adds in 2019 a new country, Colombia, to its large family of Spanish-speaking national websites, thus consolidating its leadership.


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